Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Yes, Emma loved the gym play place. "They had snacks and water and even a bathroom!"

We just got back from the grocery store, where we came home with quite a haul. An indication of how much is the clerk telling me at the end "You saved $78 on special buys!" Whee. One thing I am sure of, is it was too much to carry in in this coldness. Brrr. And no heat in the car, remember! I brought a big blanket and wrapped Emma up in the backseat with it. She kept saying "I'm sooo toasty!" "Wow, this blanket is warm!" "I'm sure glad I have this blanket!" Meanwhile I'm eating the icicles off my fingers so they don't get caught in the radio dials.

While at the store, we passed my the Little Debbie snack cake area and Emma said "You know those Cosmic Brownies? They consume me like the ring consumes Gollum." I mistakenly said "well, I don't know anything about Gollum." I now know that if Gollum wears the ring (three of them I think she said) for too long he turns into rubber. Don't correct me if I'm wrong, I'm sure I like her version better.

Also, at the end of shopping, our buggy was full of bags, and Emma was sitting in the front of the cart. The clerk said to her "Is it ok if I put the bread up here with you?" and Emma paused for about 5 seconds then told her in all seriousness: "I'd prefer if you didn't."

Is it time for Daddy to get home yet?


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