Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We all sat down together tonight to watch "Simon Birch", one of my favorite movies (Cindi got it for me for Christmas - yay!)

From the moment the laboring mommy sneezed and popped out a very tiny Simon, Emma was hooked. She loved that he was so so so small, and wore glasses just like her.

When it was over she said "that movie made my eyes a little wet".


It also sparked a bit of a discussion about death, where she announced that when she dies we should call Regina's (classroom friend) mom to come say a prayer when we bury her in the backyard with the animals. (Rats and mice that have preceeded us in death) After we told her that people get buried in cemetaries, not backyards she said

"Well, actually I'd like to be buried at school, in the rocks."

Always the non-conformist.


I worked on the new blog site for a ridiculous amount of time today, truthfully for about 4 hours. That's pitiful considering the minor changes I've made. I think it's gonna be good tho. After much thought, I know what I'm going to do. And it'll be good. It'll make me happy, and hopefully you'll like it too.

We'll be packing up the good china and moving over there in the next few days.


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