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Yes the kids were fine and mommy made a bit of a spectacle of herself worrying about them. I think Katie felt bad, but called as soon as she got service. They hit bad snow near Conifer, and that delayed them a lot.

I'm having bad bad cramps, I used to get them really bad as a teen, then they subsided a bit in later years but lately they're bad again. It's almost become incapacitating for a day or two the past few months. I have endometriosis, which my doctor said would probably make my cramps get worse in years to come. They discovered it when I had my tubes tied. I was at first a little panicked, and asked "What are the effects of endometriosis?" My doctor said "It'll make you sterile".

Oh well, then.

He said as long as I wasn't having any symptoms that it wasn't anything to treat, since sterility was a non-issue - but now I'm wondering. Bah. It's almost time for menopause anyway, isn't it? Though I don't know if I'm quite ready to start learning how to use Mark's new beard trimmer. I also have a very low and tipped uterus (aren't all you fellas just loving this entry?) which makes for some difficulties with certain things. Tampons, mostly. I can't use the kind that get longer, only the ones that get wider. Otherwise it becomes like waiting for the red button on the bird on Thanksgiviing Day. "pop!" Turkey's done!

Many of you have absolutely NO idea what I'm talking about. That's probably a good thing. I'm rambling, aren't I.

I saw on some people's blogs that they had made lists of things they wished for other people in 2004. I started to do that, then realized I was wishing for things for me, from them. Things that *I* wish other people would do. That's not the point so I gave up. I'll just say that I wish you all are able to fulfill everything you want to do in 2004. For yourselves.

I'm not making resolutions, but my personal wish list for 2004 is to:

Treat Mark as sweet as he treats me
Spend time with my family more - the ones I don't see much- (my dad, sister, Amanda, etc.)
Be better about keeping the house tidy
Be more tolerant of the influences that stress me out
Not to let opportunities get away from me, and to recognize them when they present themselves
And in general, just manage myself better. Eat better, not smoke so much and maybe do a leg lift or two during commercial breaks of Dr. Phil

That said, I will have to say that 2003 was probably the best year I've had in a very very long time. I:

Made amends with my parents
I saw my oldest daughter get married
I went to school and actually finished
I lost weight
Paid off my debts
Started getting my teeth fixed
I had good relationships with Katie and Daniel
Built a great relationship with Mark.

I hope 2004 can measure up.


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