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Thursday Three

1. What is your lifeplan for 2004?
My lifeplan? Good lord, that's ominous, isn't it? My lifeplan is to have a life. Mostly to stop worrying about other people's lives that have no effect on me.

2. What do you plan to acomplish in 2004?
Hopefully be productive, land a job, have some fun, maybe get married, and convince Katie to live at home while she goes to school. muwahaha.

3. Is there anything/anyone/anyplace you plan to avoid in 2004?
I plan to continue to avoid the couple of people that give me high stress, which I've successfully done pretty well in the last couple of months. Since Mark and I had the conversation how he doesn't expect me to be nice to all these people who have very little impact on our lives, I've really let a lot of that go. I also plan to avoid anything remotely connected to building, gardening, home improvement, being crafty, or having a green thumb.


Katie and Charlie are here watching a movie I got for them, Dogtown and the Z-boys. I'd heard about it, and it sounded like something they'd like. It's a documentary about how all the surfers in Venice in the 70's started skateboarding, and how much flak they got for it. They are going skiing with Dan tomorrow so Charlie is staying over cause Katie and I were both afraid he'd sleep through his alarm and miss the boat. Or the lift, whatever.

I'm still bored.


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