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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I guess I'm in hair fixer upper mode. I gave Mark a haircut night before last (I've cut it a few times before) and he said he's received quite a few compliments, and someone even asked him where he got it done, that they really liked it. While I don't have/need/want Laura's skill or expertise, I gotta say - I did good. And now, Im sitting here with blondey goop on my head, waiting for the timer to go off.

I was supposed to go to the movies with my mom today, a reschedule from before Christmas, but I was up and down many times last night feeling sickly and nauseous, and eventually ended up sleeping fitfully on the couch. And since I'm expected to go meet Mark's cronies later, I needed the time to try to get better. I do feel better, but no where near 100%.

I had to take Daniel to the dentist this morning, (8:30, thankyouverymuch) he had a toothache which turned out to be a cavity. The dentist also pointed out that his 12 year molar was positioned sideways, and that that would need to be othodontically corrected. That was the tooth with the cavity, because of the way it's positioned it's susceptible to trapping food, so it needs to be taken care of soon. Blah! I have dental coverage through Colorado's uninsured children program, plus I also pay $24 a month for Comfort Dental's own supplemental coverage (which is REALLY fabulous) so hopefully it won't end up costing me very much at all.

Speaking of Comfort Dental's own coverage, I got an end of the year status report, and of the $3900 worth of work we all had done last year, I paid $1400. Not bad for $24 a month! Have I said before how much I love love love Comfort Dental?! I have?! Well, I'm saying it again!

Time to rinse!


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