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Stuffed. Mark and I went out for Chinese buffet. I'm bursting at the seams.

I made it to the Limo place and picked up all my paperwork. He gave me a W-4 to fill out along with everything else, but no one has really said "you're hired!". Tho while he was going through the packet with me page by page he kept laughing at certain key points like... "We'll need this filled out if you do get hired. hahahaha" and "If I do decide to take you on, you'll have to have this - hahahaha" Weird.

He did say that after I return all the paperwork "we'll do a regular interview and then we'll just go out driving and get you used to the cars". So...I dunno. Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe I'll be driving folks here and there soon, or maybe I'll still be slummin. He did ask about my availability and was pleased that my weekends are virtually free. I wouldn't limit myself to working on the weekends tho, I would want to work as much as possible. Mark's already agreed that day care for Emma may have to be arranged occasionally, dependant on many different schedule, his schedule, kids schedule, Dy moving to Denver, - lots of variables...

I'm just glad he's being so flexible, and doesn't make me feel like I have to arrange my own schedule around Emma, and that there are a lot of different options that work for everyone. We had a long talk about how I felt last week, and I'm willing to bet that I won't feel like that again. He's so willing to make changes to benefit the family, and making sure that things feel fair and equitable. He read what you all wrote about a lot of step-mothers not being willing to watch their boyfriends/husbands kids at ALL and how mean they are to them, and I think he felt a new appreciation for the relationships that exist in this house. I got a few emails after that post, saying more of the same...with stories of step moms that were not pretty - not pretty at all, and he read those too. One man that wrote said his girlfriend was the greatest thing that ever happened to him - A #1 wonderful, but she refused to babysit his son - ever...but the thing was he didn't fault her a bit for it. He felt that it wasn't her responsibility, and he cared enough about her not to put her in a position with his son that she didn't want to be in. He felt that even tho they were getting married and beginning to share all aspects of their life together, that his son was his responsibility and any relationship between him and his girlfriend should be initiated and controlled by her.

I dunno - it's a fine line, I think. I've always had a good relationship with Emma, and Mark seems to value my input and the authority I do take with her - even tho it's not 100%. I defer to Mark many many times, because I'm uncomfortable taking on certain roles with Emma. did I get here? Where is my beautiful wife? Where is my beautiful car? hehe.

What a tangent, huh?

I guess I'm just saying I'm glad Mark doesn't expect me to feel the same responsibility that he does, and he knows that ultimately her care and welfare is up to him - while she's here that is. Yea, that musta been what I was trying to say. I guess.

Anyway - back to life, back to reality. I gotta go tidy the living room cause I told Katie I would. She's so bossy.


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