Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Gotta get dressed and ready for the day. Have been playing around on the computer since I got up, and I gots stuffs to do!

Have been talking to my best online buddy Alan for a good long while this morning. I love Alan, we've been friends for a long long time and I owe a lot of what my life is now to him, truly. When my hope and my dignity was at it's lowest, when I was trying to get Mark's "attention" but getting the door slammed in my face, everyone else said give up, but he never did. He always told me to keep plugging away. He said once "when all is said and done, he will see you're still standing there" and it was SO true.

And now we are very close, and can share nearly everything. We present problems to each other that we can't share with anyone else. A friendship like that is priceless. Mwa, baby.

Ok, gotta go. Have a good day all!


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