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Blogger, blogger, why do you hate me so?

Every blog I hit on my blogroll takes me to a page. I think everyone at blogger headquarters has a lampshade on their head.

We were home from Mark's shindig at 6pm. 6pm I tell you! The arcade place was a ridiculous mess. Every 10 year old within a 600 mile radius was there. We ate and got the hell out of dodge. We rented 28 days later and came home and watched that while we ate boston cream pie and ice cream and had coffee. Now that's New Years!

As New Year's Eves go, this one has been quiet, but nice. The past two years we've had a "kids" - (teenagers) party at our house on New Years. eep.

I have two really memorable New Year's stories.

About 6 or 7 years ago my ex (then hubby) and I were at some friends house for New Years. The wives and I were pretty trashed, and were playing with her son's voice changing toy. You would record something into it, and when you played it back your voice would be all silly and jacked up. We recorded ourselves yelling "Happy New Year!" and called everyone we knew and played it. I have never laughed so hard in my life!! We even called relatives out of state who had been in bed for hours. We never revealed who we were.

Then, let's see. Memorable New Years #2 was 1999 into 2000. New Year's day hubby told me he loved someone else and he was leaving.

The first one was funner.

Tell me your most memorable New Years story... good or bad.


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