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Permission to post, Sir. Permission granted. Blog away.
Ok, so last night I was in the bathtub, bubbles and all. From the living room at CampColes I hear "Shit! shit!" I rolled my eyes initially, anticipating an overreation to a trivial event as usual. Then he runs in and says he's got superglue in his eye. No explanation. Since there had been imbibing occuring earlier in the evening, I assume the worst, thinking that brits cant hold their liquor (contrary to what they say), and he has mistaken the oh-so-plainly-marked tube of superglue for eyedrops. I bail from my wonderful soaking and examine the damage. Yup. There's superglue in there. We scrape, poke, prod and flake for a good amount of time, until he is satisfied that it is out. He then proceeds to wrap a dishtowel around his head, one part of it covering his formerly glued eye, for a makeshift eye patch. He kept calling it an "aayyye patch, like a pirate. lmao. I wanted so badly to take a picture, but knowing full well that that request would be adamantly denied. I cant even describe what this looked like. It was somewhere between Fidel Castro, a turban-head, and the kids that wear their visors sideways. This made his depth of field all whacked too, and it was amusing watching him try to focus. This adornement slash first aid thingie remained for the rest of the evening. Needless to say, my edginess subsided...for a little while anyway. Turns out he had cut the top off a crusty tube of glue, and it had ejaculated. What a shot. I think I fulfilled my role as Florence Nightengale however. Kudos to me. I did get back in the tub tho, and finish. You can't half's just not done. Not even in America.


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