Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Ok, so anyway. here i sit..broken hearted, tried to...oh god nevermind thats so gross. Remember that poem?

Im watching Mtv2 and blogging. My life is reduced to this. Actually it's worse. I have no dignity Im thinking. God, I feel stifled now.

Katie is gone until at least Monday, possibly tuesday or wednesday even. That blows big fat chunks. So I reduce myself and be miserable. Trying not to be, but am. Friday is payday, that will be the highlight of my week. My month, maybe.

We had a nice little send off at work for me today. All my buddies were there and I got a little sad. Krispy Kreem saved the day tho! I trained Kara a little bit in the eccentricities of how things are around there, and how to keep people happy and the place humming. Left early, and honed up some captains logs for transfer. eep.

Tomorrow night I have to work at Americas and am dreading it like the plague. Hello, Im stupid. No, I dont know anything. Let me find someone who does. Goodbye.

Im in too pissy of a mood to blog. I need to go watch a movie and do something productive. Cha


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