Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


There are people outside my office in the park. That isn't unusual, I work on a college campus, so duh... but these particular people are pissing me off. Young, obviously bf/gf goofing around, rolling in the grass and laffing. Do these people only exist to make me miserable?

Just heard I cant leave early today, everyone else is leaving early. Oooh, that's how it works. I get it. Sorry, I forgot..I mustv'e missed a meeting or a memo or something.

My mood has gone from bummed to downright bitchy.

Had a "this is why I feel like I do" conversation with CPD that went nowhere. Those embers have been officially pissed on, I think. Ever piss on a campfire? Damn, it stinks like fuck.

I want to go home and...and do what? Look at my empty cupboards and fridge? Look at my atrociously, ridiculously messy desk? Sit in front of my pc and wonder what to do there? Watch Joe watch my tv? Listen to the same fucking songs I listen to everyday on napster? Wish I had a life? Sure..sounds good.


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