Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Karen left me this voicemail last night:

"Hey. it's Karen, I just remembered a movie you might like. It's about Siamese Twins and its called Twin Falls Idaho. Ok, that's all, and I'm never talking to you again." She's mad that I'm leaving. cha.

My blog is everywhere. A 13 year old girl from Maryland that left me a guestbook entry has linked me on her blog. That's weird. I should send her the link for kt's blog but I'm too lazy.

Dave: So negative about it. Women can actually get more attractive as they age. A happy woman is
a hundred times more attractive than an unhappy one.

Star: agreed

Dave: Right now you can't see past the bills and that drags you down. You go from feeling
great one minute to leaving the car running in the garage the next. It's not your fault
because money does that to all of us. As those difficulties go away, you'll start to
really live again and then that's when it will happen.

Star: money is extremely depressing when you dont have it

Dave: yes it is. So some guys you meet now will tell you that you're whacked out because of
the mood swings. It's not you - it's the bills. The right guy will understand that.

Star: i just tell em that's what makes every day interesting

Star: and i write like that, but dont behave like that generally in person

Dave: But it's how you are really feeling and that's gotta come out sooner or later.

Star: sometimes...most dont see it.

Bottom line. The one person I think I could be interested in thinks I am a) whacked b) unhappy c) depressed d)poverty stricken and e) moody.

"Depression hotline, please hold"


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