Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Im way too depressed for my own good. My rock? Tired. Sorry, maybe tomorrow.

I'm never surprised when people do weird whacked out stuff because they are depressed, especially financially depressed. Big news story, then days later it comes out that the guy was depressed about recent finances. Uh huh, I have several of those T-shirts, thanks. Seriously it's so consuming, so worrisome, so mind numbing to have such negative things going on all around you. If I dont get this DPL job I will be back on anti-deps. I wonder why there isnt someone looking for people that are in dire straights and send them some money. A philanthropist maybe, that peruses blogs for people that are basically very nice but on the verge of who knows what because of money. Dont forget the building and apartment number in my address. Everyone always forgets that.

My kitty is so incredibly cute right now. Not cute enough to go get the camera out of the car, but pretty darn cute.

And no, Mr. Coles I am not brash.


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