Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I really am not looking forward to this interview at all. Already there are several days in the weeks ahead that i cant work. Is that cool to spew in a job interview? Probably not but Im gonna have to. I need the money desperately, as you all well know. I have no idea what I'm going to wear. Kt says no shorts and polo, i picked a short dress that she also nixed. Do i wear a long summer dress? that's gonna look way too formal. I cant really think about anything until the topless Ss leaves the hills. Im pre-occupied.

Kt made coffee and brought me some and its good. Nice and strong, but not too much. She makes damn good coffee.

I used some compressed air to blow out my keyboard and now a bunch of keys are sticking. Wtf

Yesterday at Six Flags was so damn fun. We got in using the old "we left someone behind" routine. Way too easy. Got there around 2:45 and stayed till just after 10. Rode all the funnest stuff; minderaser, tower of doom, twister, swings, sea dragon, chaos, rainbow, etc. The damn Shake Rattle and Roll was broke as usual. I swear that thing is always down and it's the greatest ride ever. If I would have paid to get in I woulda been pissed. We had absolutely nothing going on yesterday so we thought what the hell. It was great. We're gonna try it again.

MY kitty i s pretty cool. Is already using his litterbox sometimes but not all the time which is of course the goal. He mews a lot and I have to bop him and tell him to ssh. Will post pics of him on my site on monday.

I have figured out some cool html stuff, but I'm still so stupid. How do I post a pic here? I need help.

11:24 and time to gear up for the interview. Bleh.


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