Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


originally written on a piece of paper in my planner, 6-13 while out and about...
When the clouds finally come in, it's amazing how quickly and completely they shadow everything else.

Am on hold right now with Public Service. I thought I had made a payment arrangement with them, but the note I got in the mail says different. Blah. I have about 100.00 dollars in my account to last the rest of the month. Man, I need that DPL job. Second interview today, I'm trying not to hinge a lot of hope on it...but it would solve a lot of life's problems right now, to be sure.

I love the days where I have gotten some sun in the days previous, and dont have to wear face makeup.

When is mecawilson coming back from vacation? I miss his blog a bunch. Kt finally wrote a bunch of shit in her blog, and it is hilarious! SHe's in northglenn now, doing some visiting. Might pick her up tonight, more likely tomorrow night. Another fun Friday night on I-25. Woo hoo.

Been trying to figure out what's going on with CPD next weekend, who is coming down. I'd like to do some fun stuff, but I can't get a straight answer as to what he wants to do. Hopefully something fun..

Father's Day is Sunday. Double, Triple bleh.

Am not in a blogging sorta mood. No fog.


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