Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


MrLD has fallen through the cracks of governmental/corporate America and I am done thinking and worrying about it. Ixnay on the isitvay. bleh. So many blehs going on.
Everything social and personal is a Talking Heads song..Same As It Ever Was. I hear the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, believe me. I wear lots of protective clothing these days.

Went and saw Pearl Harbor last night, that was incredibly good, and I highly recommend it. Have heard some bashing about it, saying it was inconsistent, inaccurate, etc..and that the special effects were over done. I don't give a shit. I liked it. It's not a documentary, people, sheesh. We got into a discussion after the movie about why America got involved in Vietnam, and when. Im ashamed to say my knowledge was cursory. I looked up a bunch of stuff online today..and while I'm more informed, I'm still ashamed...just for different reasons.

I feel blah today. Had a great interview yesterday, hopefully something will come of it. It was with the Denver Public Library Friends Foundation. I could rock their world, they just dont know it yet.

Going to the Rennasaince Festival this weekend, then probably to spend the night at Dys. That'll be interesting and fun at the same time. While we've talked extensively online, we've never really spent any amount of time together in person. She'll probably come away mumbling about what a weirdo I am. She's up for a big job at, and is on the last leg of interviews, etc. Go Dy.

Im tired and edgy, I need a nap. Fuck you.


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