Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


And a few more details...

We had so much fun that weekend, Dave was generous and gracious, more than anyone I know. People just arent that nice.
We found a great carnival, and went there two nights in a row. I think we had more fun just sitting watching the gene pool swim by than anything else. Lots of white trash, and we had a great time whispering our bashing remarks about everyone that walked by. The carnies were entertaining too, and we laffed about them constantly. Safari Guy, the popcorn eater, and the budweiser bottle man. Makes me want to run off and join the carnival.

The sightseeing was terrific, I'm ashamed to have lived in this state all my life and never to have seen most of the places we went. Grand Mesa, The Colorado Monument, Independance Rock, the Balanced Rock..oh, and the dregs of Grand Junction too. Im sure there's a reason they built the jail right in the middle of the Hispanic community of Grand Junction..I'll let you know when I figure it out.

We had a great dinner at Outback, and it ended with a bang, literally. We saw outside there was a huge crowd of people, and both Grand Junction police cars. Some idiot had ran his car into a ditch right outside our window. I tried to take a picture but the cops were giving me a pretty suspicious lookin-over, and I dont need that kind of trouble outside of my own hometown, if ya know what I mean.

I met some really great people, it's so nice to meet someone that actually has a circle of friends. I've missed that a lot in past relationships. I love Carls mom, by the way.

Gonna end the birthday weekend banter here. It was a wonderful get away, that I regretted to see end. Am banking on more of the same. Soon.


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