Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Stumbled across this great song. The music is wonderful, but what intrigues me are the lyrics. It's a conversation between a mother and son, the son evidentally wanting to be in the "business" and the mother being..well, being a mother. Download it if you can find it. It's fascinating. Some of it goes back and forth line to line from mother to son, then or the other will have several lines in a row. And no, I didn't figure this out for myself. I read an interview online, and they explained it, said a lot of people were so confused about the lyrics...
Fred Astaire~Lucky Boys Confusion

"You have so many opportunities I never had"
"Don't push so hard"
"nothing is ever easy"
"And this talent that you take for granted, it's a gift from God
"Don't pass it up, nothing is ever easy"



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