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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Wow, I am so shocked and stunned. I totally wrote for about an hour, and fucking lost the whole thing. Dont ask. Gonna try to recreate. It's never as good.

As far as last night goes, things are status quo. What's weird is the predictions and psychic things Ive noticed. The predictions I had when the news was dropped are eeking through. I feel like my mindset has changed, and thats good. I think I owe a lot of that to MC. And, the second prediction was completely there, too. I knew it was going to happen as sure as if it already had. But it was much much better. I feel like it's closure now, and that's...ok

Went to Leroys shindig and it was hella, just like I thought. I had too many beers, and had to be told to McSimmer down now! Guess I was talking loud or laffing or something. "sir, you are not at MAC-Donalds but if you were i would tell you to McSimmer down NOW!" If anyone gets that, mail me. It's so obscure. BN will laff. Anyway, we had a great time and got some fantastic pictures. Wait till you see. Im making a new webpage of just stuff thats going on currently. Still thinking about how to do it. Maybe like a "how was your week? And will post my week's activites in text and pics and shit. Is that stupid? I dont care if it is, im doing it anyway. Hell I got nothing better to do. The whole party was great, met Senator Hernandez, and other cool people. Thought WWebb might dip in, but never did that I saw. Why didnt you get me a fucking buffalo? Peasant.

I always start loading napster songs, then start the playing after I've only loaded about 4. So, I forget about it and for 3 hours the same songs keep playing over and over and over till I am so sick of them I could rip my hair out. Except that you dont notice that the songs are playing over and over and over. Then I get so sick of those 4 songs I dont ever wanna hear em again. Sucks, cos you lose all the really good A&B songs. (Cos you never make it any farther down the list..)

Mark and Brad are talking about Brads wonderful new tongue ring and how fun it will be. I dont get it. He's married. He's not that attractive. He's got nothing going for him except the tongue ring?..umm sorry, no..NEXT! And he said "chicks dig it." Ok, so what if chicks really do dig it. They arent gonna dig it on *him*. I mean, Im about as open minded and sexually "free" for lack of a better word, than most people I know. And sure it might be cool, to see what that feels like once...but c'mon. Am I gonna let an unattractive married man do it, just so I can *see*. Not even. Guys do not have a clue as to what women are thinking. And they have no idea how to attract us. That's why they sit in their cars and honk at us as we cross the street. They're out of ideas.

It is almost 4 in the morning. Im hearing weird people singing to my songs. Well, one song. "Dont tell me you love me." (keep waiting for him to say, dont worry i wont) Someone weird is singing at the end. Like when a DJ starts singing over the song. Am I turning into that black lady on tv? Thw psychic? God what is her name. CALL me now! Cleo or something. I should call her. What if she was your friend? You could never have any secrets.

Something I wrote on a notepad last night..during.
**GOD oh God
dont forget to save the fucking thing.**
Get it? The person responsible for the captains log is a dumbass. Questioning my need to save the damn things anyway? Im getting obssessive about it. But they do seem important later.

Critical moments. Sometimes you'll be chatting to someone and you know the next thing they say or the next thing you say is critical. Sometimes its unbearable waiting for the words to appear. Lately tho, the whole body odor and psychic thing has been totally right on. "I hate prefaces like that.." But - I digress... critical moments are so gut wrenching online I think. I will sit in my chair and talk to myself "oh god, oh god....what the hell.." And yell at other people in the house, and seemingly have trouble sitting here waiting for the next words. Feel like I need to get up and walk around. God, thats weird.

What the hell am I doing up at 4am? I still feel like I want to read, too. Well tomorrow is mother's day, maybe everyone will let me sleep.

Wrote a long note to BN. Dont remember what all it said now, but it was important. lol. He lost it but I had it saved, thank god.
Also heard from RC. Very touching, and tugs at my heartstrings. Funny that he lurks, but I like it. I don't mind a bit when people recognize themselves here. Maybe others need to more often.

I am extremely sunburned, but had such a good day. Tooled around in the mid life Chrysler ALL day, hitting about 87 yard sales. Bought Daniel a spirograph. Funny how you want your kids to play with the same toys you had. And got KT a new keyboard, hers was so trashed and i didnt even know. What else. A book, and a bag o cups. TILLY!

Watched Miss Universe last night. I will write more about that tomorrow or at work. It's lengthy.

Im done. I've blogged all I can blog at 4:08am. Why am I up?!


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