Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Just talked to Dan. He's doing the same song and dance I am this week. They seem to go back and forth a lot more than my situation tho. Seems like mine has an air of finality to it, more than his situation. I hate that, but I have to admit it. Started bawling on the phone, listening to him talk about the end of a relationship. Talked about things we miss with having someone special....Dammit. I cant stop being upset now. Wrote to MC last night that if anything does come up with this again, I want the same accountability that v gets from Ss. And I know that will never happen. God, I hope I can stick to that decision. But the main thing is that I am closed to any other opportunity until I stick to that.
GSprings did not work out this weekend, cos of work. Looks like it is set in stone for next weekend tho. Im jazzed, but very nervous. It will be the weirdest thing I have done in a long long time.
Bleh. Im crabby now.


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