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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Am becoming disgruntled with blogspot. From the blogs i read, so are a lot of other people Was looking this morning at another host, but havent decided yet. My motives are selfish. Who cares.
I forgot to bring my makeup to work today, that incredibly sucks. I took it in the house because of Ron's pet, how stupid is that. Looked in the mirror after his exit and said "oh man, I was looking ugly all night." Again, who cares.

Got very melancholy this morning. Seems I am doing ok with current events, but the past is what is eating at me. "the way things used to be" Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all? Im beginning to think not. The memories are too haunting, I think.

Our IT guy has the most annoying laff known to man. What is that?

I have a lot of work to do at work. How did that happen? I have no duties, now I am backlogged. I dont get it. Boss going on vaca for a couple of weeks soon, should be total chill time then. We'll see.

It's almost my birthday, and I have no plans. That makes me sad.

It's kind of a gray day, why is that? Last night when I went to bed I felt pretty good. So many things I want and need to do that are connected to money. I need money. Desperately. I have sent out numerous resumes, talked to a lot of places about PT work, but nothing at all yet. I think I need an answering machine.

I have got to clean my apartment, thoroughly. Even I am getting sick of it.


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