Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


PS, I guess I should mention a couple of things. Considering doing Glenwood Springs this weekend with CPD. Nervous about it. Having trouble getting Friday afternoon off tho, that will be the deciding factor. He'll be glad he finally made the blog.
Was thinking a lot about RC today. Wondering if he is having fun and wondering if I will see him again soon, but probably not and he will be out the of the country again on Saturday..for a month. Blah. Then back for a short time, then gone for nearly good. Double blah. Isnt he too polite for me? He's so...I dont know he's very bourgeois, which is *most* excellent, and so different from what I'm used to. But just wondering if it is me. And why am I thinking about him so much?
And the biggest thing, is that i talked to BN. Very weird, very good. I was nervous as hell, but it felt ok. Again, i think anything at all is irretrievable, even a trite friendship probably...but it was good. He and MC made a good ending to a good night.
MrLD is as charming as ever. I know in my heart that if logistics were not the issue, something would be going on. For sure. I dont know what exactly...but something. The only thing he and I seem to really excel at is missing each others phone calls. And yet again, here is someone that is rank and file above me on the success ladder. I am not even allowed to know the half of it, I dont think. It's that high up.
I guess thats the up to the minute status of everything. No tears today. That is really something.


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