Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I cant think about anything I've wanted to write about.
Went to Sheabeen tonight and had entirely too many beers, and am writing this under severe handicap..
Had a lof of fun, met up with Mark and his friend Terry from work. He is the greatest. Very sarcastic, and I love it. Hard to keep up half the time. Was trying to watch the Avalanche game with him and just not getting it. Well, trying to get it, but not really. The more beer I drank the less I got it. There was some guys singing during the halftime, that was incredibly weird. These two guys, one old and gray, and one black, singing old irish folk songs. And everything was a big private joke cos everyone in the bar knew each other. All I know is I have had too many Caffrey's.

Am obsessed with LBC "Fred Astaire". Learned almost all the words in one day. I love it.

I am not coherent enough to write I dont think. I have a lot to say, but no thought process to aid me.

I will write more later, I'm just gonna sit here and listen to music and watch who signs off and on. The standards are always there. Wonder if that's what they're thinking.


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