Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


My house is sooo clean! We got tired of it, and decided to just go nuts. Every room is completely wonderfuly clean. Took Me, Kt and Daniel two solid hours. Even our bedrooms!

Just took a nice big smokin hit of oregano. Dont ask. Fat Tire will be my saving grace for now.

CPD, what is going on there. I have no idea. Nothing. That sucks.

Ive never mentioned RBD, not sure what to say. We have become each others confidantes. No real connection, other than we both struggle a lot. He's local, but no intents to meet, I dont think. Nice to have that shoulder and smiling "face" every night tho. Completely anonymous, I can say whatever. That is nice.

Looks like maybe possibly MrLD being here on the 14th or so is a reality. Man, that would be wonderful. I dont wanna get my hopes up, but am definately looking forward to it anyway. Raul will be here soon too. That should be fun. After that I think he is gone for an extended time. That sucks.

Decided to make a list of things I hate and things I love.

Things I hate
Phony people
People who don't tell you things to your face
Rap Music
Country Music
Companies that spell their name wrong on purpose (Kwik Kopy)
People who snoop through my shit
People who take up two parking spaces
People who swim with a T-Shirt on
People who drive too far back from the person in front of them in rush hour
People who take my picture without me knowing
Shows about airplanes or war (except Vietnam)
Irish Creme Coffee
Answering the phone
Going to bed
Sleeping alone
Doing laundry
People who sign off without saying goodbye
Job Interviews
Wearing pantyhose
Parents of brats
Being jealous
The dentist
My hair
Being shibbayless
Saying goodbye
Watching blowjobs in porn
Female DJ's
Punishing my kids even if I have to
People who dont get my references
Forgetting shit and having to come back in the house
Southern accents
People with bad teeth
Women with ugly nails

Ok, I've blogged all I can on no shibbay. Soon, will post what I love.


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