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This is probably gonna be random.

I really really like Alec Baldwin. I love every movie I have ever seen him in . I really wanna see that Bear movie again with him in it. The Edge I think it was called. There was some knife scenes in there if I remember correctly. That was a great movie. Alec Baldwin is gonna be on SNL next week. I gotta watch it. Tomorrow i have to tape Mtv movie awards. do not forget.

Went and played midget golf. I had to bring an oversize midget, We had a great time and with my 15 stroke handicap I beat mark by one stroke. Very fun. Fud at Jacksons Hole on someone else's (if you lose, you buy)

I watched the View for abot 5 seconds tonight and could not figure out what the hell kind of women these were. They were so shallow and superficial it embarassed me. I have never seen such pretentious, overwhelmingly annoying women.ever. Do people watch this show? What kind of people? DO women in America identify with these women? I want to see women like me sitting around bitching about real stuff. Meeting loser after loser, trying to pay bills, looking for work, fighting with kids, getting your heart broken. I cant identify with these women. They were talking about parties by the jacuzzi and crows stealing your salmon hor's doerves.

I read a few blogs every day, but have stopped reading anonymous ones. I read two or three regularly, matt wilsons (mecawilson) i read every day. It's too much work to plod through what people are trying to say. I know what Matt's trying to say, and he makes me laff my ass off.

Why do I try to read 4 books at a time Its impossible. I dont even know where some of the books I am in the middle of are .

Im tired. Im broke, well not really but kinda. mostly im just tired.


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