Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


oh seemed so urgent to blog. My new kitty is an escape artist.

Loaded up a fabulous playlist on napster. Stuff you do when you have no alternatives. Knowing you're gonna be home all night bored...thinking of things you've been meaning to do. I need to do my toenails too. This glitter shit is pissing me off. I rented Almost Famous days ago too...but havent watched it yet.

My second interview at DPL was today. I think it went really well, but damn you never can tell. Most interviews I've had I thought went really well, but then..pfft They have to have someone in place by July 1, so they need to get on the ball. I know I was the first "finalist" interviewed. I also know that the lady that interviewed me takes every friday off, so that means the next interview cant be until at least monday. You do the math.

I hate when i d'l a napster song and it bleeps the bad words. wtf. I like the bad words. "I promise not to try to fffffff with your mind" What the hell is that messed up shit.

Back to thinking about the interview again. I feel really confident, but am worried about the fallout. I do not necessarily want to leave my job. It will be hard to go. But then the waitress brings the reality check and I know I have to do something. What about insurance and all that shit? changing all that shit is such a hassle. Then trying to make your new desk "your" place. My desk now is so totally "my place". You cant just walk in the first day and tack up all this shit, and fill the drawers with oreos, popcorn, books and cd's you're trying to sell online, dishes, mayonaisse, knives, toothbrush, floss and nail polish.

Ok, Kt needs me to talk about the concerttomorrow night at red rocks. Could be hella fun, wish i had someone fun to go with.



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