Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I have the distinct feeling I was talked about all day. Nothing like a little family Danelle-bashing to build you up. Who me? Why didn't I go to the Father's Day Dinner? Oh, I wasn't invited. Uh huh. 'preciate that, see ya round.

The Coles duo came for a bit, I think so they could have dinner cooked for em. They left around 9 or so. Kt is babysitting tomorrow, for both work and fun. That sucks. But, what do I care. And would it matter if i did? I don't think so, kiddies. Thanks for playing, good luck next time.

This week is gonna be a little pins and needlish cos of the Dave weekend coming up. Whats that gonna be like? Weird, awkward, fun, silly? Yea, ploblee. Told Americas about it, so I think Im off the hook for those days. On the weeknights i do work, I will work until 2:15 am. I am going to be a walking, living, breathing, bill paying zombie. Only one adjective in that sentence is important.
"Hi, I was wondering if I could possibly be anymore buried in debt?
"Ok thank you"

Why is html infecting my brain to the degree where I lay in bed and think of code? Why do I feel the sudden urge to be where the people that know it well hang out? Even to sit quietly and just listen to what they're saying is enough. There must be an HTML Book for dummies. I need it. Now.
A little Danelle-code, for good measure
The exiting of Ss, its like if you are, then do it. I have some shit to do. Definate progress, but even that kinda sucks. Reality checks are always such a pain in the ass. Lunar ship 'Niceties' will now be landing with a thud. Obviously, a major malfunction. Please hold on.

I should hear about DPL soon. Probably Tues but possibly monday. It will be nice to just know . Im so tired of just waiting and wondering. I swear, getting on with the state wasn't this clandestine and slow. Mark hasn't been called as a reference, I wonder if anyone else has. I dont think so. That discourages me.

Should I take my nails off, or risk waiting a few days and maybe they'll be ugly. Cheap enough to get a whole new set done later, but I dont want to go without them. I like them. A lot.. ok they stay for now.

Ok, I am going to do something else. I dont know what. I have late movies. Im not taking them back tonight. Nope. I shouldve made him take em back.


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