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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Karen says she keeps smelling cat piss. What's that all about? It better not be me. Did Bridget piss on me last night? I dont think so.

Dull evening, but nice to spend it at the Coles Camp nonetheless. Watched a pirated copy of Shrek on Mark's pc. Only fell asleep for about 10 minutes. Pretty cute movie. Glad I saw it for free, tho. We banged in a pizza and watched teevee, finally collapsed early. I didn't feel rested this morning, I'm sure I tossed and turned all night waiting on this damn DPL thing. When I went yesterday she said she couldnt make me an official offer till she talked to all my references. Jeesus, what if I'd have listed 20 refs instead of 4? So, I am kindof just stagnant waiting for everything to come together. Said she would call me this morning, regardless. I feel like I cant relax until this is all on the table. The whole thing gives me the runs.

Vanessa stayed over with KT last night. Who knows what kind of revelrie went on. Talked to Vanessa this morning, she just said there was a lot of fun going on. Jeff the connecter came over before I left, so I can imagine they had a giggle fest.

I am worried about moving all my shit from my work pc to my home pc for the new job transition. I need to just take out this damn hard drive and take it home, I swear. MrLD gave me a place on his server with 3g available, so Im gonna start there. Am also wondering what kind of "access" Im gonna have at DPL. IM? Mp3? Ack..I will be a lunatic without both of those. I suppose I cant really go in the first day and start loading up all my instant messengers. Maybe the second day.

I got my post card from mecawilson. So incredibly surreal, but very damn fun. I read his blog every single day, and it always makes me laff. I wish I could find a man to date just like him. His wife ploblee doesnt deserve him.

Ok, I have to go do something. I dont know what.

I have done so much weird shit to this blog lately. Im a html whore.


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