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Fixed my blog thanks to tara the html queen. Way to go, Tara!

Everything is starting to roll re: me leaving work here. Emails are flying about meetings; how do we do this..who is gonna do that? Its gonna be a weird couple of weeks. Im excited to start at DPL, more for the money than anything else, which I hope isnt the only reason I like it there. Gonna be a lot of adjustments to make. I need to figure out I gonna drive? Take the bus? I cant pay for parking yet, till I've at least been there a finances are too screwed up right now.

Took Kt to the dentist yesterday, and me and vanessa waited outside for her. Well, first off, in the waiting room there was this weird whacked out lady. She was really heavy, big floppy arms and shit. Her hair was like straw or wire or something..nasty. She got on the phone and started talking to someone about how horrible her life was. She had had 2 car accidents recently, then a couple of days ago she had slipped on some vomit and hurt her arm. damn thats weird. So we all started laffing while she was on the phone, listening to her describe this madness. Then she got off the phone and started crying! She was talking to us saying how much bad luck she had had lately, and how it was everyone else's fault. She was a piece of work, lemme tell you.

So then Katie went in to the dentist and vanessa and I went to the store, then to just sit in the grass at the dentist office. We were laffing so hard about everything. She was being all clumsy and shit in the car and I said "hey be careful, dont break that" and she said "Im breaking everything". Then we started laffing so hard about how when you act that way, clumsy or breaking stuff, it makes you feel fat and stupid. She totally got what I was trying to say.

Went to camp at the Coles again last night, that was fun. We went to Gunther Toody's and bitched about how expensive it was. Came home and I fell asleep in front of the tv while Mark did who knows what on the pc. I think he was looking at hard drives and burners. Get one, get one!

Amanda called late last night. Justin isn't going back to WSU and Amanda was seriously considering staying here too. She was really upset, crying and trying to weigh the pros and cons of both. She just called me here at work now and said she's gonna go back. Im glad, but I could see merit in her staying too. She's worried that they will break up, but I think it's worth it to give it a shot. We decided she would give it a semester, and if she absolutely cant stand it, she'll come back. She didnt want to miss out on cheerleading another year, she's been looking forward to that so much. Plus, this year she'll be in an apartment instead of the dorm, and was jazzed about that too.

More later, I actually have real work to do. Alert the media.


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