Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The people at the 7-11 on Dayton know me better than the people at the Phillips 66 by my house. They call me by name. The people at the Phillips 66 are stupid and ignorant. I go in there at 7:25 in the morning and there is no coffee made. Hello? The turban head behind the counter is too busy talking on the phone and writing notes about what his employees need to suggestive sell that day. I guess he goes through the merchandise and sees what is about ready to rot, and puts that on the list. "Sell twinkies, they're almost green". The 7-11 folks are swift and friendly. Even when I am not using my credit card, they remember my name. That is weird. And what is it with the gas pumps? Cant they ever just turn them on immediately? Why do they have to say "Good morning, welcome to Conoco, you're ready to go on pump 4" Yea, I know. I was ready to go 5 minutes before you started talking. Do they think we will be in a better mood about being late cause they were nice about it? And the pump never works properly the first time. You're always squeezing, squeezing, squeezing the pump waiting for it to start working. Im tired of it.

Watched JFK at my house last night. We had planned a Spy TV evening, but that was pre-empted apparently by the interest in JFK. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Then I followed the duo to the Coles Camp and watched the Crocodile Hunter. I swear, there is no program that compares to the Crocodile Hunter. And if you watch it while encumbered by recreational substances, it is a riot. Not to be missed. By the way, is it always Croc Week?

Tomorrow we are all heading to the Buskerfest. Should be hella fun. Im not sure if Daniel will be here or not, I havent heard anything from him at all lately.

Ok, time to go move files from my work machine to my server. I have so much to do!


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