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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I had to go back and read a whole shit-load of my old posts, the code is shallower than I thought. Anyway, nothing I needed to change or felt like I had to. I've been open and honest about what bugs me and what doesn't, and it's honest and static here. No surprises. Kt flipped, she said "oh god, you have to go delete some posts". But Im not.

Today was pretty fun, we got up and all came over here for a swim. Emma did soo good and she loved it. She had a healthy fear at first, but snapped right out of it. I'm so at home swimming, it's like second nature. So we all got nice and toasty then the Coles duo hadda leave for the hills to return the baby to it's Mama!

Ok so then me and kt went to Goodwill. We got nice and silly before we went in, we were just giggling like madwomen. We got a buggy and they had these 15 foot long poles attached so you couldnt take em out of the store. Soo crazy. So I pushed that around for a while, but I was so damn conspicuous I ditched it. So she finally finds some pants she can live with, and we get up to the counter and the building has been struck by lightening and all the electronics in the store have gone out. The Bulgarian lady at the counter didn't know what to do so she went and got this butch looking manager to tell everyone "Sorry folks, cash only" Kt and I were like great...that's what we have. So we hustled on out of there with some snazzy new pants. I didn't find Jack.

We still had to go to King Soopers, and I almost got lost coming home. I hate that damn area right there, I just cannot get the hang of it.

Remember the Bay City Rollers? God, what are they doing now? Now that's a show I would like to see on VH1. I bet they're all losers. I loved em tho, had very close seats at a concert....when? I have no idea. When I was an idiot, apparently.

What is with my mouse? It is clean..clean..and it is still screwing up. Great, I need a new mouse now. Bleh.

Joe goes out and gets so trashed on the weekends that Sunday he just lays on the couch all day. He barely grumbles before about 4 or so. Then he starts watching a little tv and giggling about shit. If we want to watch tv we have to wait until he goes to bed unless we wanna watch what he's watching. That's so strange. It's my house. He's intimidating. It's the whole steroid abuse thing..he's unpredictable and scary.

I'm just gonna leave my blog open while I surf and record random thoughts. Cha.

I wonder if the 4th will be fun. We have plans but no destination. Should be fun. Could be. Might be. Ploblee.

And remember Sifl and Ollie? Man that show was great. I was so hooked on watching it. I remember the one where the guest didn't show up so they had their own fake talk show, and interviewed each other. One of em said he was an inventer. He had invented Dancing, Backyards, paint and dirt. That was insane.

Ok, I have bored of blogging. I am going to pester Joe and find some fud. Mwa.


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