Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Saturday, Saturday ever loving saturdayyhay!!

Man it was so freaking hot today. I dont know what the temp got up to, I think around 403 degrees. But it's a dry heat.

Went downtown to the Buskerfest. Shoulda have been called Busterfest. It was sparse and not too impressive. Maybe it was just too hot to enjoy. Fun to get out tho, especially to somewhere free! Free is good.

Im camping at the Coles again, dont know if I am staying all night or what. We went to the park after the busterfest and then to my house. While we were at my house I was wishing I could just stay there and veg, let the fog roll in and be lazy. But my car was over here so I had to come back. Told Mark I didn't know if I was staying but now that I am here I will likely just stay. Ploblee. Mark is heading for the hills again to play with Grizzlette Adams tomorrow so I cant go to drop Emma off again! Blah dee blah. I could care less about the Grizzlette, I just wanna go! Actually I think I'm just about Coles'd out for the week. I know I will regret saying that by about Wednesday of next week, but what the hell. I really need to smoke some shib. Chronique! It's been a hell of a week I feel like..Emma has run me ragged. Have I been here every freakin night this week? I think so. chA

What's with mecawilson?, He's only like updating every 3 days or so. I need to read something from him every day or the days just arent complete at all! I wish he was a columnist or something so everyone could read how wonderful he writes. i want to go hang out with him, and get stoned. Very very stoned. I know we'd laugh our asses off, and pull people's sweatpants down to their ankles when they didn't expect it.

The whole Dave thing is just so incredibly weird. It's like we totally dont get along online, but are still persuing this for some odd reason. We both must be gluttons or something. I am anxious to see him again, it's just not happening at all. His comment about "you will find someone that understands you" or whatever it was, was a total brush off. "You'll find someone someday, but it ain't gonna be me".

Ok, guess Im done. Im hogging the brits masheen and he's pacing.


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