Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Street hotdog vendors are messaging me. I tried not to be a bitch.

tomj7: cewl! we live in the same state!
tomj7: where bouts do u live? im in downtown denver
Star: i work downtown, live near DTC
tomj7: thats a long trek!
Star: not really, about 15 mins
tomj7: i woik on the mall... in fron of sunglass hut, selling hotdogs...
Star: you like it?
tomj7: very interestin, losta crazy/different people... ive bin at it fer around 6 years. its not too bad
Star: good money then?
tomj7: 30 a day... i woik part time
Star: hard to make a living on that i suppose
tomj7: i am on disability (im bi-polar) and thats enuf with job to keep me goin.
tomj7: so u dont like trucks, eh? i dont drive... havent since 87
Star: no..dont like trucks... why dont you drive?
tomj7: im a real "asshole" driver... should not b on the roads causin accidents
tomj7: oops, fergot to tell u where i live... i live at 16th and stout
Star: well that makes it very inconvenient for your friends i would assume tho
tomj7: sigh, yes... unfortunately
Star: well we dont have a heck of a lot in common, so I think I'll do the polite thing and tell you it was nice talking to you and good luck
tomj7: thanks fer yer time.
tomj7: sorry if i waisted it
Star: np
tomj7: l8r g8r


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