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Another day, another dollar and 45 cents. Whats my mood today? I haven't decided yet. So far Im ok. We'll see. I think I need to get angry, that's always productive.

America's called me last night, I start working on Thurs night. 8:30 to close. good god, I am going to be a zombie.

Our accounting department constantly tries to make us think they are funny, instead of accountants. Read this email I got this morning:

This e-mail is to introduce to you a number: 2350

Since the time when incentive awards were first authorized, we have asked you to charge them to object code 3295, called, strangely enough, "Incentive Awards".

As one of accounting's customer service attempts to help you shake off the boredom and ennui of mid-summer, we now announce a change of this object code to 2350. In order to maintain some shred of stability in your rapidly-changing world, this new object code 2350 will be called "Incentive Awards". After a detailed study we concluded that the old name was appropriate for the new object code number for several reasons, not least of which was that this new object code, object code 2350, was going to be used for incentive awards. That's object code 2350, in case you missed it earlier.

Since you've read a lot already about new object code 2350 for incentive awards, I suspect that you can hardly wait to close this e-mail and start converting your incentive awards to their new object code, 2350. Or, at least, you'd rather do that than read another three paragraphs on why we are changing incentive awards to object code 2350. So I'm not writing an explanation. If you really want to know (you don't) call me up and I'll explain it. Then get someone else to call for an explanation and compare notes to see if I gave each of you the same answer. Some days I'll do most anything to hear a human voice, even talk about the new incentive awards object code, 2350.

You may begin using the new object code right now. See; instant gratification.

Whacked, totally whacked.

I am having lunch with my sister today. I dont even talk to my sister. Is she going to "talk" to me about something? She's on campus for a class, and called me to join her for lunch. I'm totally suspicious, but also totally on board for a free lunch. I hope I'm not in the depths of a depressing moment at lunchtime. Could be. Ploblee.

I went to bed early last night, and still got up feeling tired. I might have locked the kitty out of my bedroom, too. I didn't see any accidents anywhere tho. We think he was farting last night cos we kept smelling it and there was nothing. Kt did not believe that animal farts could smell so bad. Joe set her straight. One of the blogs I read regularly..her cats name is Fuckles. God, that is so damn funny.

Ok, I am off to do some real actual AHEC related work. Wrote Mark and asked if we could tear it up Friday. Waiting for that email. Hopefully that wont dictate my day. Dont let it. You are woman! Roar!


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