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What is going on. Is anything going on? Why can't I come up with a nice "topic o the day" like mecawilson. Do I need to constantly drone on and on about how much I love his blog? Yes, I think I must because it is worthy. The fact that he's fiercely handsome ain't bad either. I get to work in the morning and this is my computer routine.
Log on to AIM
Check Hotmail, answer
Check Outlook, answer..sometimes
Read mecawilson, fragmented, and plastic girl
(plastic girl is grounded for shoplifting, so she cant post this week. lol
By then I am usually inspired enough to blog. Most of my first posts of the day are around 9 something in the morning. And look, right now it is 9:53am. Oh, I do check my voicemail too, usually right away, but the only voicemail I ever get is Cheryl or Freddy telling me when they're gonna be in. Snoozorama. Sometimes i get this too: "cccchhhhhhhhhhhhhcccccccc" That's what static sounds like when you type it out. I don't know why I get voicemails of static. It's weird. Last week Mark hit his redial button or something on his phone and I got this 4 minute message of him driving. Coughing, driving, changing the radio. I was waiting for him to start talking to himself. That could've been very interesting. He does talk in his sleep tho, so that can be cool sometimes. The other morning he said "Uh oh, what spilled?" I lift up the covers to see if indeed something had "spilled" then realized he was dead asleep. Cha. Too funny.

Saw this on a website about pets somewhere:
"Is it normal for a 10 week old puppy to occasionally eat it's own fecal matter?
Why wouldnt someone just say "Hey my dog is eating his own shit, is that cool or not?" Fecal matter? Reminds me of that skit on Saturday Night Live. Anyone remember it? God it's so funny. They are having a talk show and a guy comes out that has invented a pair of glasses (Fecal Vision) where when you dim the lights you can see if you are washing your hands properly, cause the fecal matter residue will glow. He says "Now when the lights dim, inspect your hands closely, you may be able to see tiny specks of fecal matter where you are not washing your hands thoroughly." They dim the lights and everyone is aglow with fecal matter. It is smeared all over their mouths, their arms, hands and crotch. God, that makes me laff.

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.


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