Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Things are ok, not great...but tolerable for now. So many things I need to get done before we go. I had a nail appointment tomorrow that I now have to change. Was gonna meet MG later, but gonna try to do it earlier now cause Thursday apparently there is *plans*. Fuuuuck. Friday is good, as is Saturday and then on to Vegas. I can cope. Im contemplating starting a big conversation while I have the captive audience there, but I dunno. If it's good, I dont wanna fuck with it. Work is crazy, I have too much to do already, and people ask me to do work that's fit for a volunteer. chA.

Went to Woody's tonight for pizza puke fest. Bleh. Someone else's dime tho, so that's nice. We all went to arc after that, and putzied around in there for a good long while.

Went down to Robs for a while tonight, he's moving in a month. That blows. I never meet my neighbors and then when I do, they move. Why bother.

I have so much to do.

Listening to: Dashboard Confessional
Eating: Just had cake
Drinking: Milk, gonna go get a soda
State of Mind: Fog
Mood: Semi-Depressed
Multitasking: BF Chat, email, IM's, Bladeforums, mIRC, blogging
Who Im chatting to: Mark, kt, and 20 people in BF Chat
Thats fucked up: Aaliyah


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