Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Sometimes people feel guilty for reading my blog. Sometimes I will be telling someone a story, and they'll say..."Oh i read about that in your blog..I don't read it all the time..but I did read that" or "I hope everythings ok...not prying, but I read in your blog..."

I *want* you to read it. Thats a big part of posting it, is knowing people are reading it. I have a site meter. I know who's reading..Im not gonna post anything I dont want you to know, dont worry. Most of all, I like when someone writes and comments on something I've written. Sharon does that, so does Kira. I love that.

And people love it when they "make the blog" . When they're written about. And I love it when people notice they've been written about.

Don't worry about being here.

I have places I write the whole gory truth and nothing but...and that's just for me. Enjoy this one for you - I hope you laugh and cry in all the right places.


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