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I've accomplished little this evening. Slapped a few new pictures up on my site. I talked to Michele on the phone for a long time, that was nice. I hope when some moms read this they can take it in the motherly spirit in which it was intended. I hope they thinks it's funny, and not a dig. Cause it's not. There's no book for this shit. You learn it as you go along.

We laffed our asses off about a ton of things. Mostly "the past" as usual. We got on a long rambling conversation about kids birthdays. Michele is doing Emma's Hello Kitty cake for Sunday. We were talking about the party..and she asked what it was gonna be like etc. I told her we were grilling burgers and stuff, and that the party was at 2pm. Dead silence. She said "but.." I said "I know."

See, something "we" both know (3 kids each, thank you very much) is that a 2pm party means you eat at home first. When your kids start getting invited to parties and when you start having birthday parties, what time to have it and what to eat becomes a major focal point.

So you have to think about what time it is. Think about this. If you were to send your kid to a birthday party at 2pm would you give them lunch first? Of course. 2pm means cake. Noon means food. 3pm means cake. 6 pm means food. 7 pm means cake. People will come to a 2pm party fresh from just having lunch.

It's no huge deal, of course. Most of the people there will be adults and we'll eat anything, at anytime. It was just funny that Michele and I had the exact same thought about it.

Then we started talking about birthday parties our kids had had. Disasters, and successes. She mentioned one where one of her boys turned 16 and Hank had gotten a motel room. Im thinking ..."Oh cool, so the kids can party and there's no clean up." No. HE got a hotel room. For himself. So he wouldn't have to deal with the party. Hilarious. I told her the smell of 15 girls in sleeping bags in your basement is unmistakable. It's a stuffy, french-whorehouse-perfumy, body odory smell. I told her I remember many parties where I told the kids afterwards "Next year, you're going to the movies, and that's it. No party. lol I always gave in tho.

I remember a party Kt had once. Maybe her 13th...14th? I dunno. I remember Dan was working nights and he had been being a real asshole. So the party was at night, but we had to have it totally cleaned up by the time he got home from work at 11pm. We were doing ok, then some jackass shook up a bottle of pop in the kitchen and opened it. There was soda freaking everywhere. Dripping off the ceiling, the walls, you name it. I was livid. That was one of those "dont even ask next year" nights. We got most of it cleaned up but Dan still freaked out about everything anyway. I think he found some confetti or something ridiculous. He was such a downer.

I'm going to bed to read. Reading a couple of books, one called "Black Boy" it's an autobiography of a boy that grew up dirt ass poor in the south in the 40's. Very good. Also reading "4 Blondes" - given to me by a co worker that wants to know what I think of it. It's a slow read, I really hate fiction. It's by the author that wrote (writes) Sex in the City. I wish I had some popsicles. I like to read and eat popsicles.

Nite all.


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