Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I will post one more thing. We've only had two snafus so far, but they're big ones. Thursday morning, we're setting up. Fire department comes up. We dont have a permit. $90K fund raising event that's planned since the day the sale is over..and we forgot to get a permit. not we. Anne. We schmoozed, we won. Took all day to smooth out tho.

Snafu #2. I am also in charge of having two hugo mongo coffee pots going at 7:30 am in the tents. This morning I entrusted the job to someone else while I went to pick up 16 dozen donuts. Well, whoever plugged in the coffee...unlplugged the freezer full of 60 boxes of ice cream bars we're selling too. We caught it in about 5 hours..but that was long enough for it to be a giant problem....


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