Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Just sent Amanda off a little sumthin sumthin in the mail. She'll be happy.

Uncle Bob signed the guestmap, didja see? How cool is that. He's like practically famous. Thanks also to Alan and Amanda for signing, even tho ya'll aren't as famous...cept to me. lol.

Im at work, eating a pop tart that I stole out of Emma's drawer of snacks..and having my third big cup o'joe. Laundromat tonight. Someone please please offer to go for me, so I can go home and take my work clothes off and lay on the couch. hmm?

Watched my tape of the last 2 episodes of Frontier House. Good lord, those Clunes. lol. How much do you think that house cost? On the beach in Malibu..and those girls are bored. feh. What a great show, tho. Hope they're doing more. That was my summer reality tv fix. Almost time for vivor to start up again, I will be jonesin' till then!

Gail is slinking around. bleh.


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