Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Mark's on his way to go get Emma, I hope it goes better than last Monday's drop off, which ended up taking him over 6 hours, because of traffic. He vowed no more weekday transfers, (yelled it, but apparently he's relented. I miss talking to him when he's gone..we talk on the phone several times a day, and IM each other too. He told me "I dont like not talking to you for 4 or 5 hours...cause I miss you.." Said he missed me a lot this weekend. nice is that. (I can hear Murphys gagging from

It'll be nice to see Emma again, we drained her pool last week when she left so the lawn could recover, and then set it up again last night. She loves that damn pool, I swear. She gets so mad when it's time to get out, I have a picture of her pouting about it last time. I think I'll post it if I get a second to myself this evening. She was seriously distressed at the prospect of not swimming in it for anotherweek. "How many days till I can swim in it?" "But I love my pool!" "Who is going to swim in it while Im gone?" "Dont let Danuld in it!" I hear she's got a pool at Lowa's house now tho, so that should be good. It's just funny to see her shivering and shaking, her lips a pale shade of blue...yet refusing to get out of the pool. Then ya gotta make her get out, and making Emma do anything isn't easy or pleasant sometimes.

Should be a good week...


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