Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Im still not able to write anything of substance. I could never describe the way my body feels right now.

44 hours in 4 days. Really hard work. Book boxes are heavy, and it was hot. But it's over, and I'm glad but it was really, really fun. Strangers that I met and worked with for 4 days, (some worked longer hours than I. (me?) We became so close and so dependant on one another. The Step 13 guys are the best. Guys that are between jail and home. They live together and work together, getting labor jobs when they can. These are the hardest working guys on the planet, and the most sincere. They hauled carts and boxes of books from noon Thursday till 2pm today. We kept bringing books out, even all day today. We think we burned through at least 100K books. The last hour frenzy ensues when it's announced that now every box of books is only $1!! lol. 100's of dollars worth of like new books for a buck. Crazy. We ended up with only about 25 boxes of books left.

And the volunteers. The "biddies" as my best book sale friend Bob calls em. Some are older than dirt, and they have no idea what they're doing. Who knows how much money went out the door cause they added wrong, or gave the wrong change, and just didnt pay attention. But bless their hearts, they love the library. Some of them, it's sad to talk to them cause they are so old, and almost not able to do this anymore.

Oh my god, Larry. What a character this fool was. Flaming, flambouyantly, in your face gay..and the most fun "rest a bag" has ever seen. We had to 86 some yahoo that was being disturbatitive (Mike Tyson word) and Larry said "See, that's why I don't date anymore."

A good time was had by all. But I am w-e-a-r-y.


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