Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I have to tell you about AJ. She works at the library, I don't know if she's a librarian, or a clerk. Big difference in the library biz, a lot of people don't know what it takes to be called a Librarian. It's not just the next step after shelver. And librarians make good money, from the salaries I see on the 'job openings' emails.

Anyway..AJ. Im almost positive she's not a librarian. I think she's been there a long time. I always see her behind the check out whatever that job is...

She's is absolutely nuts. She's so incredibly funny, everything that comes out of her mouth makes you laugh hysterically. She knows a lot about people. She's raspy and vulgar...but the look on her face when she's talking to you makes you want to tell her all your secrets. Her and I clicked since the first time we was like a mutual understanding of each other. She is so open and in line with everything I believe...about everything. looking at her - it doesn't really look like someone I would strike up a friendship with. But I've always liked AJ and we talk frequently in passing. But at the book sale, we're best buds. We keep saying we're gonna go out for a beer someday..

Gonna post some pics maybe tonight. Look for her pic there.


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