Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


This is mamselle inspired.

A- Animals: cat - schatze, rat - louie, 3 mice - picky aiwa and aitra, gerbil - tanya
B- Best Friend(s): mark, michele
C- Cohabitants: mark, katie, daniel and emma sometimes
D- Desire(s): security
E- Eye Color: hazel/turquoise with help
F- Favourite Foods: cookies, popsicles
G- Games: scrabble, catch phrase
H- Habits: bad ones
I- Interests: internet, reading
J- Job: Admin assistant
K- Kitchen...wonder or blunder? i have no idea
L- Languages: english, some ASL
M- Most valued possession: my hard drive
N- Name (named after?): an obituary
O- Outfit you love: my slinky purple nighty
P- Pizza toppings: cheese and more cheese
Q- Question asked to you the most: do you know where gail is?
R- Relationship: cohabitating nicely
S- Sport to watch: battlebots
T- Television show(s): six feet under, survivor
U- Unsavory characteristic: emotional
V- Video: life is beautiful, fargo
W- Webpage: ...constant disarray
X- Xylophone (or other instrument): piano, clarinet in HS
Y- Year born: 1962
Z- Zodiac Sign: gemini


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