Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Started reading this today. Found a picture there that Laura would love.

Discarded CD art.

From same blog:

"this morning, chris drives me to work so he and the kid can have the car for the day. on the way, we spot a very, very large lady. we're talking like four hundred pounds large. and from the back seat, kurt says, 'you don't wanna see that'. and chris says, 'no, no i don't'. kurt elaborates: 'too fat'. and i decide to seize the moment and remind the kid that we don't say these things when people can hear us, because it hurts their feelings, and that's mean. and we ask him how he'd feel if somebody said something mean about him, and he replied, 'i'm not fat'. so chris asks, well, what if they said you were short? and the kid says, 'i'm not short, i'm five"....

Love that.


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