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Weird, whacked out day. I am emotionally drained to the point of tears.

So we wait at our desks till 3:35. the board meeting starts at 3:30. Finally, Gail comes around the corner and goes into her office and shuts the door. Ben calls. Come to Ricks (City Librarian) office. Official word, "We need to let you know that Gail is terminated as of today. She will not be at the Board meeting."

He said Gail agreed that the position had changed so much with the reorganization of the Friends, that she wasn't qualified any longer. Making it sound like it was part Gail's idea. Uh huh.

Also that Melinda was in charge in the interim while they conduct a search for a new Director. We held a short staff meeting after the Board meeting and will submit a list of whats "up in the air" over the next few days. Leadership will be interesting as the current Board president is being replaced as of next months meeting, and the new Board president ran this meeting like a hoe-down. He wasn't even sure if they were supposed to make a motion to approve a transfer of money from the Friends to the Library. (they are). Also interesting will be Melinda's rold as leader, as she is part time.

Ben said Gail would make a move to meet with us as a group in the next week or so. Can't wait for that.

It was such a release to get home and be away from the stress of today, I broke down and cried for reasons I couldn't explain.

I've never helped get my boss fired before.


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