Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We are all on pins and needles. No one can work, we are just emailing back and forth. Everyone emails ME for info, because I sit right outside her door.

"what's she doing now?"
"has she been calling anyone?"
"any news?"

No. no news. She was gone till about 1, she's in there just a few feet away from me doing more packing up. I can hear her going through her drawers and putting things in a box.

We all went to lunch together, and have deduced that the likely scenario is that she will "resign" at the board meeting. A couple of guests are on the agenda, and they have been told (we just found this out) that they will have to present their monologue, then at some point they will be excused from the meeting. That's totally unlike any other Board meeting protocol. Usually, they insist that all guests stay the entire time to avoid disruption.

1 hr 48 mins to go.


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