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Hi I'm Elizabeth Schlosser and I'm running for Mayor...

God, this woman. Ok, first of all, I fixed the parks reservations. Now both tours are exactly right, and I'm not overbooked anymore. but it is sold out. So..anyway. I get this call from this woman..

"Friends Foundation of the Denver Public Library, this is Danelle"
"Hi, I'm Elizabeth Schlosser, and I'm running for Mayor.."
"Hi Elizabeth"
"I'd like to make a reservation for the parks tour"
"Oh, I'm sorry, we're completely sold out"
"Well, I'm running for Mayor and I'd really like to go"
"We've actually been sold out for some time"
"I thought it'd be a good idea for me to go and learn something new about the Denver parks..since I'm running for Mayor"
"Well, Im sorry it's completely sold out, and I have quite a few people on the waiting list"
"Well is there anything you can do?"
(Like what?! Which geriatric blue hair would you like me to knee in the back to get off the bus?)
"Mmm, no..not really"
"Well do you think anyone will cancel?"
"I doubt it, it's been sold out for some time and no one has cancelled yet"
"Well I think I'll show up and hope that some one got sick"
(Oh, that's a nice thought)
"okie doke".

So about 2 hours later she calls back, but I'm not at my desk. Voice mail:

"Hi this is Elizabeth Schlosser. I don't know if you remember me, but I'm running for Mayor. I was wondering if it would be ok if I passed out campaign materials at the parks tour..could you call me back?"



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