Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Ooh, I almost forgot..take a look at this:

"23airmail established the SkyReach Foundation to provide Web development services to select local non-profit organizations looking to build an online presence. The overall mission is to help non-profit businesses gain a better sense of recognition within the community by building a more innovative and professional-looking Web site.

23airmail will select three pro bono Web design projects per year valued at $50,000 each. Through the SkyReach Foundation, we hope to make a positive impact in our community while providing a unique service to non-profit organizations. Applications for the SkyReach program are available via PDF on the 23airmail Web site."

Well, Laurie (membership mananger) and I applied, and we WON! So now the Friends web site is on the block for $50,000 worth of upgrades. It was big news around the place today. We're so excited!


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