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Kinna fun. Found at kellycaldwells place:

• First grade teacher's name: Miss Andrews. Zoe Andrews. Big poofy hair, and whacked out flowing smock shirts.
• Last word you said: "Oh, sorry” (Daniel was chastising me for almost letting the cat out).
• Last song you sang: "Forget My Name” by New found Glory. At my desk..
• Last thing you laughed at: Talking to Charlie about the Osbournes.
• Last time you cried: today. A misunderstanding.
• What's in your cd player: car: Avril Levigne; pc: program software
• What color socks you're wearing: no socks, barefoot.
• What's under your bed: nothing, we can’t find the screws to the bed so the mattress and box springs are still on the floor.
• What time did you wake up today? Woke up around 9:30, finally got up around 10.
• Where do you want to go: I need to go on a cruise.
• What is your career going to be: I think I’m already what I’m going to be.
• Where are you going to live: hopefully here. Moving sucks.
• How many kids do you want: none. Can I give these three back? Kidding!
• What kind of car will you have: hopefully something very reliable.
• Current hair: long and needing to be dyed again, and I need a new style!
• Current clothes: cute slinky little spaghetti strap nightie.
• Current annoyance: my contacts.
• Current smell: it’s stuffy. It smells stuffy.
• Current longing: security. Always security.
• Current desktop picture: a sunset picture I took.
• Current favorite artist: Avril Levigne
• Current book: “Princess, the true story behind the veil” (about women in Saudi Arabia)
• Current worry: money, as usual. Dentist bills, too. I guess that’s still money.
• Current time-wasting wish:security.
• Current hate: laundry. There’s so much laundry.
• Current favorite article of clothing: I really hate deciding what to wear. Ever. I can’t answer this.
• Current favorite word: gees o pete.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
• One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: Dave Vine
• One person you wish was here right now: my dad
• A line from the last thing you wrote to someone: "I’m so excited!”


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